By attending classes at The Performers Studio you are agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions.


1. A registration form must be completed. By doing so you are indicating that you agree to comply with the rules and regulations of The Performers Studio.

2. A fee is charged for each class enrolled per term. Students are expected to attend all classes throughout the term and an invoice will be raised for each half of the term, unless starting part way through a term, where fees will be charged for the remainder of that half of the term. Refunds will not be given for non-attendance.

3. Invoices will be emailed to account holders at half term intervals and must be settled prior to starting classes.

4. The Performers Studio offers a 3 week trial option for trialling any class. The 3 weeks must be taken consecutively and paid for in advance. Following the trial, the student would be invoiced half termly.

5. Payment for any workshops must be made within 7 days of a place being booked via electronic bank transfer and are non-refundable once paid.

6. Payment can be made:

By bank transfer to the account shown on your invoice. Bank transfers should in all instances reference the student’s Full name and Invoice no. Failure to do so may result in the payment being unidentified, the account remaining outstanding and the student not being admitted to class.

Please Note The Performers Studio does not accept cheques or credit cards.

7. The Performers Studio will not accept any liability for cash given to teachers or any other persons not authorised to receive money. All payments must be made as stated in Clause 6.

8. The Performers Studio reserves the right to refuse entry to class/es if fees have not been paid, a student arrives late or a student behaves in an inappropriate manner. No refunds will be given.

9. Students are required to give written notice by half a term for the following term if they wish to withdraw from classes. Failure to inform The Performers Studio of withdrawal will result in full fees for the following half of term being due, and proceedings to collect any debts that might remain unpaid for all students including interest charges.

10. Physical contact may be necessary by members of the teaching faculty. All teachers adhere to our Child Protection Policy and are DBS checked. However, if you have any concerns regarding this matter please contact

11. The Performers Studio reserves the right to alter the advertised timetable and faculty without prior notice. The information in this and any other printed or electronic brochure/notice was correct at the time of printing or publication on-line.

12. The Performers Studio holds information about our customers as is necessary to carry out our classes safely and efficiently. This information is held in strict confidentiality in line with the General Data Protection Regulation Policy.

13. The Performers Studio may at times take photographs or videos during our shows, performances or classes to be used for marketing and promotional development of the school. By agreeing to our terms and conditions you are giving your consent for the use of such videos and photographs.

14. Compulsory uniform and footwear is required for our classes, please see our website for more details. Students may be refused entry to a class if incorrect uniform or footwear is worn.

15. Hair is to be tied back from the face (in a bun for ballet). No jewellery or jeans are to be worn to class.

16. Students are not permitted to chew gum or eat during class times.

17. Students are not permitted to use mobile phones during a class. Any mobile phones brought into the class must be switched off or on silent mode

18. Teachers must be informed of any injuries, illness or medical conditions.

19. The Principle must be informed of any class or workshop absences

20. Pupils are obliged to take care of their own belongings. The Performers Studio cannot accept responsibility for lost or damaged items.

21. Parents must take full responsibility for their children whilst they are attending The Performers Studio. The Liability of The Performers Studio and its staff is restricted to class time only. Pupils and parents must be respectful of each other and to all staff members.

22. The Performers Studio has the right to remove pupils from classes and workshops should the terms and conditions fail to be met.

23. The Performers Studio reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time providing half a terms notice is given to students.






Terms and Conditions

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