If you would like THE PERFORMERS STUDIO at your BIRTHDAY PARTY then please do get in touch!

We can offer a BESPOKE PARTY just for you... whether you want a Dance, Drama or Singing party or even one based on your favourite theme or programme then we would love to help!

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''My daughter loved Kelly’s party so much, she hasn’t stopped talking about it. She’s obsessed with dancing and singing and performing, and very opinionated. Kelly did a brilliant job, working in all Jessica’s favourite music and getting all her friends joining in. It took all the stress out of the party for me, I loved watching all the fun while sorting out all the inevitable jobs. Really appreciate all the energy and imagination Kelly put into the party, and how much it was tailored to Jessica and her interests''



Party Parent

''The Performers Studio hosted a wonderful bespoke party for my 6 year old daughter. They managed to keep children who were a range of ages, thoroughly entertained with games, dancing and activities thoughtfully structured to her chosen Disney theme.''



Party Parent

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